Patriot Tour™ Challenge

The Patriot Tour™ Shield Award

Nation of Patriots challenges™ each participating location on the Patriot Tour™ to raise as much money as possible for our cause during their leg of the Tour. Each year, the winning location receives a traveling plaque and gets to stamp their name onto it.

2016 Patriot Tour™ Shield Award Winner

Baton Rouge Harley-Davidson

Each location that raises over the set limit of $1,000 gets the opportunity to use EVERY penny on a wounded veteran family from their local area.

100% of all donations collected are given to wounded veterans and their families.


2012: Baton Rouge Harley-Davidson

2013: Baton Rouge Harley-Davidson

2014: Baton Rouge Harley-Davidson

2015: Mad River Harley-Davidson

2016: Baton Rouge Harley-Davidson

The National Honor Award

Nation of Patriots™ also recognizes efforts outside the Patriot Tour™ and encourages fundraising activities that help our cause and bring communities together.

2016 National Honor Award Winner

Las Vegas Hog

The Las Vegas HOG representatives worked with local business leaders to secure the Nation of Patriots™ as the beneficiary of a golf outing. They were able to raise over $52,000 for 25 wounded Veterans and their families. Excellent job!


2014: Las Vegas Harley-Davidson

2015: Las Vegas Harley-Davidson

2016: Las Vegas Harley-Davidson